There are a couple of ways you can convert color photos to black and white using the Illusory – photo editor app. Some of them are ready to use filters, and now we are happy to introduce you to a new process of converting photos to black and white by processing each color channel separately.

Standard conversion to grayscale is formed by mixing the grayscale variants of color channels into a single gray channel. In an RGB image file, this mixing occurs in the following proportion: red – 30%, green – 59%, and blue – 11%.


Despite the fact that this method sometimes gives acceptable conversion results, other methods are more preferable for images requiring particularly careful processing, especially if it contains bright saturated colors.



With channel mixing, you can mix and match the available halftone information in the red, green, and blue channels. It provides complete control over the color to black and white conversion process. It allows you to use the color values in an image to create an optimal mixture of halftones for a particular image.


Here’s how it’s done:

  • Click on Adjust
  • Choose “Grayscale
  • Play with each channel settings
  • Hit ✓ to Save

Quick Video tutorial:

Don’t have the Illusory app installed on your iPhone or iPad yet? Don’t worry, just tap the link below and install the app from AppStore: