Have you ever wonder how to make this dramatic effect on your photo?


In this tutorial, you will learn about using Filters and the Motion Blur effect on the photo with the Illusory app. The example will be explained in detail, so anyone can reproduce this effect, even those who use the Illusory app for the first time.


To reproduce the effect on the example above you need:

  • Click on Effects
  • Choose “Filters
  • Try filters from “B&W“ or “Mood” collection. You can also play with other collections – “Pastel”, “Sepia” or “Cinematic” and choose the best color filter for the photo and mood.
  • Hit ✓ to Save
  • Return to the main menu and select “Blur” tool
  • Select “Motion Blur”
  • Choose best Radius and Angle parameter to get desired effect
  • Hit ✓ to Save


Quick Video tutorial:


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