In the days of black and white photography, photographers tried to add different effects to pictures. Sepia is photography effect called based on the light brown coloring matter (sepia) that used to tint photographs brown. By adjusting the proportions, photographers add intensity to the color. This toning had a side effect, sepia-toned photos were more resistant to fading. Thus, among the photographs that have survived to this day, most of them are with a brown tint. And now, speaking sepia, we usually mean an old photograph.
Natural sepia was produced from the ink sac of sea mollusks (squid, cuttlefish). In the 20th century, sepia began to be produced artificially.

You can easily create the sepia effect with different tones using the Illusory app. Illusory app Sepia Presets helpful if you need to tone photos in brown, alter the intensity of colors, and get rich or soft shades. These presets can be used for various photo ideas.


Achieve a Sepia effect on your photos in just a few taps:

  • Click on Effects
  • Choose “Filters
  • Choose “Sepia
  • Select best effect for your photo
  • Hit ✓ to Save


Video tutorial for iPhone:

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