Many people have been using smartphones as their main camera for a long time. If you are using mobile photography for your business or blogging, or you just a huge fun and intend to shoot with your smartphone frequently, it’s worth investing in some basic accessories. 

Mastering mobile photography with these accessories will become many times more exciting, photos and videos will be an order of magnitude better. 

1. An iPhone tripod. This, probably, most important tool. A tripod is required to firmly hold the camera to prevent shake and blur. The tripod support makes it easier to compose, frame the scene and choose the shooting angle. It is also needed for taking long-exposure images when the shutter speed is set to a low value. Especially useful if you are taking photos of your own. There are few different types of tripods: tall, that can be used for both mobile and digital cameras. A small tabletop tripod or a flexible octopus is also suitable for a smartphone. Flexible octopus tripods can be fixed at any angle and position.


2. A mini LED light. To take a great photo you need good lighting. When there is little natural light, an additional LED light will make up for it. The ring lamp fits great when you taking photos and videos, applying makeup, performing beauty treatments, or making food photography. It provides uniform illumination from all directions, without glare and unwanted shadows. Such lamps usually have different modes of operation from cold and neutral to warm light, you can change brightness level and much more. You can also use an external flash. It runs on its battery, has a dimming function (brightness control), and connects to a smartphone via a 3.5 mm jack or via Bluetooth. With it, you can get clear, bright images at any time of the day.



3. Clip-on lens. This accessory allows you to change parameters such as focal length, zoom, perspective and add a fisheye effect. clip-on lens not an essential thing, since iPhone lenses are versatile enough but can extend the possibilities of your standard lens.



4. Portable battery charger. Taking photos and working in photo editing apps drains the battery. If you are going to frequently use the camera and take a lot of photos, it’s recommended to have a portable power source with you.


5. Lens cloth. Smartphone collects hundreds of fingerprints. Some of them remain on the lens. If you do not wipe the lenses, the quality of your photos will deteriorate and your photos will become blurry and washed out.


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